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Celebrating Pride Month: 10 LGBTQIA+ Books for Young Readers!

June is Pride Month! During Pride, we take the time to celebrate and acknowledge members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, plus) community. One way we can support the LGBTQIA+ community is by educating ourselves through reading.

More than 7% of all adults identify as LGBTQIA+, with 1 in 5 Generation Z adults identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Despite these large numbers, the LGBTQIA+ community is extremely underrepresented in all forms of media. Providing a platform is crucial to fostering a sense of acknowledgment for LGBTQIA+ families.

Access Books Bay Area is committed to providing readers with books that feature diverse voices so all children feel included and represented. Below are 10 books for all ages about LGBTQIA+ characters and stories.

Pink is for Boys by Robb Pearlman

Ages 0 - 3

An educating and inclusive board book, Pink is for Boys proves to readers that colors are for everyone and don’t exist within the gender binary. This book goes beyond color preference; it encourages kids to love whatever they want regardless of gender.

An ABC of Equality by Chana Ginelle Ewing

Ages: 0 - 5

All people deserve to be treated as equals with love and respect. An ABC of Equality is a board book that helps introduce complex topics to young children with an emphasis on celebrating differences and spreading kindness. Each page is brightly colored, creating a fun and engaging learning experience!  

Love in the Wild by Katy Tanis

Ages: 0 - 5

Love in the Wild is a board book that highlights all the types of love that can be found in the lush animal kingdom! This bright and creative expression of love is based on real scientific observations of queer couples, adoption, gender expression, and more!

Who’s Your Real Mom? by Bernadette Green

Ages 4 to 7

Elvi has two moms but Nicholas is confused! While this book discusses a serious topic, it is light and humorous in tone, making it a charming little story for kids. This book is great for non-traditional families and emphasizes the most important aspect of all families – love!

Sam is My Sister by Ashley Rhodes-Courter

Ages 4 to 8

Evan, Sam, and Finn are super close siblings! As Sam gets older, Evan notices that some things about Sam are changing. Sam is not Evan’s brother, but is actually his sister! This book is perfect for families with a transgender child and teaches that sibling love is always present, regardless of gender.

‘Twas the Night Before Pride by Joanna McClintick

Ages 4 to 8

This colorful book pays homage to Pride Month and to those who helped establish the joyous celebration. It centers around a day in June, filled with inclusion and love. This is the perfect read for kids celebrating their first Pride Month!

The Spectacular Suit by Kat Patrick

Ages 5 +

Frankie is in search of a birthday outfit, yet all her dresses feel wrong. What she really wants to wear is a suit! This book is perfect for kids who feel like they don’t align perfectly with traditional gender roles. It is a great conversation starter for exploring gender with kids!

Ages 12 +

Once upon a time… our traditional fairytales took a turn! In this feminist and queer reimagining of our most beloved fairy tales, kids are able to dive into an alternative version of their favorite stories. This gorgeous graphic novel is perfect for kids in search of a story off the beaten path!

Nimona by ND Stevenson

Ages 13 +

This gorgeous graphic novel follows Nimona, a cunning and impulsive shape-shifter, and Lord Blackheart, a villain with a vengeance. While the center of this story is fantasy and mystery, it has a plethora of LGBTQIA+ characters that show readers just how simple representation can be. It also has its own movie on Netflix!

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Ages 14 +

This adorable yet realistic coming-of-age romance is a must-read for all kids (and a personal favorite of mine)! This delightful graphic novel centers around Charlie and Nick, two boys who are trying to make sense of the world around them. This book shows people of all ages the importance of love using relatable and diverse characters. If you like the first one, make sure to pick up the rest of the series!

All of these amazingly queer books can be found at Linden Tree Bookstore, a Bay Area family-run children’s bookstore with a highly curated selection of books reflecting a diverse range of voices.


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