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Environmental Volunteers

Our Story

In 1972, when awareness of threats to the San Francisco Bay ecosystem began to grow, a group of women concerned about preserving the estuary for future generations created a small, hands-on program for local children. The program included a field trip to the Bay so students could experience it, know it, enjoy it, and grow to take care of it. This was the birth of Environmental Volunteers. Since then, more than 400,000 children and adults have explored natural science learning with us!


To promote the understanding of and responsibility for the environment through hands-on science education.

Our Vision

That all people will learn about and be inspired by the natural world so that they become responsible stewards of the Earth. We achieve this by:

  • Providing hands-on science education

  • Encouraging awareness of the interrelationships between people and nature

  • Fostering an attitude of stewardship for the environment

  • Providing knowledge and skills to children so they can make informed decisions about the environment.


Environmental Volunteers believes all children deserve to learn about the natural world through personal exploration, so they can become responsible stewards of the Earth. At the Environmental Volunteers we believe that what children appreciate and love, they will protect.

(650) 493-8000

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