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Fremont siblings collect books for Access Books Bay Area

Third-grader Ayaan and first-grader Ariya did not allow COVID-19 to put a damper on their summer break! This dynamic sibling duo from Fremont, along with their mother Rashal, ran a very successful book drive for Access Books Bay Area by collecting books and cash donations from relatives, classmates, and neighbors. By doing so, they raised funds that contributed to the success of Access Books Bay Area’s summer program while spreading awareness about the organization’s mission and cause.

Funded by the monetary donations they collected in their drive, the family purchased beautiful new books in impeccable condition from Linden Tree and Access Books Bay Area’s Amazon wish list. The books on our Amazon Wish List are among the most popular and engaging options for students we serve. Ayaan and Ariya very thoughtfully selected books that they have previously enjoyed, and that helped foster their own love for reading.

They delivered these brand new books to us last week, along with the donated books they collected over the past few months. We will be working this fall to distribute these books and others to the elementary school children attending under-resourced Bay Area schools.

Thank you Ayaan and Ariya for your generosity and support! Your hard work will make a difference to the lives of many students!


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