How a better library can change a child’s life

October 20, 2017

By Allie Torgan 

Los Angeles (CNN) — In 1999, Rebecca Constantino began doing a study at schools across Los Angeles. One day, she saw something that stopped her in her tracks. She had just completed a Ph.D. in language, literacy and learning, and she was analyzing children’s access to books in affluent and low-income communities. – October 19, 2017

Linden Tree books fundraiser 

Thank you to Linden Tree Children’s Books for sponsoring Access Books Bay Area, and to their generous customers who donated $4,050 in gift cards to Access Books Bay Area

Volunteer as a Grant Writer for Access Books Bay Area 

Access Books Bay Area is looking for an individual who believes in our mission of bridging the literacy gap for the Bay Area’s most vulnerable children living in poverty, and who wants to help us expand our work by writing grants.

Access Books Bay Area Stands Against Inequality 

Access Books Bay Area always has, and always will, stand against inequality.

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